Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC): Official Functions and Latest General Elections

Since its independence in 1980 from British rule, Zimbabwe government had introduced several electoral management system conducted by some institutions. Before 2004, the electoral process in the country conducted by the Registrar – General of Elections which was part of the government department with supervision done by the Electoral Supervisory Commission (ESC).

This electoral structure was seen as a non – ideal structure since the democratic elections should be conducted by the independent institution that is not part of the government department. Therefore, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was established in 2004 as an independent institution that responsible in conducting the elections.

The Official Functions of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)

Since 2004, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has a big responsibility in conducting as well as supervising all the political election processes in the country at all level. Here are several official functions of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC):

  1. Supervising the registration of voters done by Registrar – General of Voters under the Electoral Law. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is not only responsible in supervising the voters registration but also controlling and directing it.
  2. Conducting all levels of political elections in Zimbabwe from the preparing process as well as the supervising process.
  3. Supervising the referendums in Zimbabwe
  4. Supervising the elections process at all levels in Zimbabwe to ensure that the elections are transparent, free, fair and in agreement with the regulations.
  5. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) also has the responsibility to educate the voters about the general elections.
  6. Inform the public about the voting results as well as all the things that correlated with the work of the ZEC and the general election process.
Zimbabwe government
Zimbabwe government
The Latest News of General Elections Conducted by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was successfully conducted the general elections on 30 July 2018 in Zimbabwe to elect the members of the houses of Parliament and the President of Zimbabwe. This general election was held for about eight months after the coup d’état done in 2017.

This was also the first general election where ex – President Robert Mugabe was not registered as the candidate of presidency. There were two main candidates as president of Zimbabwe in this 2018 general elections. The first candidate of president was Emmerson Mnangagwa who came from ZANU – PF political party which is the biggest party in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the main opposition of Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU – PF party was Morgan Tsvangirai who was the leader of MDC – T (Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai) political party. But, Morgan Tsvangirai who was expected as the candidate of president from MDC – T party, died on February 2018.

Therefore, Morgan Tsvangirai as the president candidate from MDC – T party was replaced by Nelson Chamisa. Nelson Chamisa was the new leader of Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai party.