Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and Its Salary for Managing the Election

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission or known as ZEC is an independent that manage, control, establish, and prepare all elections in Zimbabwe. This country was Rhodesia and gained new independent with new name. Today, this commission consists of nine members, including Chief and deputy chief. Forty percent of commission chairs are dedicated for women.

Brief Introduction of ZEC

After war, the new government of Zimbabwe created this commission in 2004 for preparing and managing the upcoming elections. It uses regulation based on Constitution of Zimbabwe and Electoral Act. All actions, funds, activities, people, and many thing must be approved by president and parliament. The Act is the main law that provides this commission with right for conducting all activities regarding elections.

For your information, the commission acts independently and receives funding from government. Before election such as presidency, they will prepare and create committees that will do all electoral needs and actions such as logistics, security, safety, and preparing candidates. On the other side, this commission does not have control on the political parties. As long as pass all requirements, they can participate in the next elections. This is basic thing you must know before finding how much salary in the ZEC>

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Salary, Fund, and Remuneration

As independent organization, ZEC has its own salary base. In general, remuneration and salary depend on responsibility and position. For example, commissioners will receive enough salary for daily basis. The amount of money will be adjusted with inflation. Each year, they receive new salary that has been part of financial planning.

On the other, the office also requires employees who will manage and handle all necessary tasks. In this case, each will receive salary more than minimum wage. They have high responsibility to ensure this commission works as it should be. The commissioners might change after eight to nine years but employees who hold the office might be the same.

For comparison, the minimum wage in Zimbabwe is approximately $100 per month. The work and task requires education and skill. In that case, you can expect the salary at least twice or three times higher than normal wage.

On the other hand, electoral committees also receive their own remuneration. Before election, this commission will prepare all necessary supports including committees who handle and regulate the election directly. They also receive one-time payment based on their work and responsibility. The amount of money depends on election scale and level. The higher one will need more funding and spend extra money on the salary.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Job Vacancies and Titles

From explanation above, you understand that the salary of ZEC is various. Some people receive more money due to have utmost responsibility. They are commissioners who become the key people on every election. Furthermore, the election itself requires manpower such as worker and committee. They have responsibility to handle daily basis activities and supports before and after the election.