How Is The Recruitment Process Of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission?

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is now hiring for new staff members and the qualification has been released. But, here in this article we will talk more about the recruitment process itself so that you know what you will go through from the recruitment initiation to your first working day.

The General Criteria

Are you interested in working for Zimbabwe Electoral Commission? Here are several things you need to pay attention to in order to get yourself into the recruitment process.

  • Minimum education required
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Gender, (male or female)
  • Attitude, such as: honesty, resilience, responsibility, and diligence
  • Marital status
  • Placement of Work Areas Later
  • Ability to work with tam
  • Specific criteria such as:
  • Look attractive and cheerful
  • Height, such as minimum 155 cm for women, and 165 cm for men
  • Absence for Shift
  • No color blindness / eye glasses

There are a few position offered in Zimbabwe Electoral Commission such as the following.

How Is The Recruitment Process Of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
How Is The Recruitment Process Of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
  • Administrative staff, the general criteria needed are: mastering the office, being able to make good reports, communicative, and have a good analysis, thorough
  • Purchasing staff, general criteria needed are: good negotiation skills, analytical skills and good logic, responsive, workmanlike, hardworking
  • Finance staff, have good leadership skills and master cash flow, can work with deadlines
  • Taxation Staff, mastering A&B brevet taxation
  • General Affairs Staff, the criteria that are generally listed are having strong leadership, understanding the work ethic, being able to work under pressure and deadline.

Well after knowing the idnplay poker qualifications needed. The most important thing when interviewing is to give the best impression of both appearance and attitude, such as being friendly and having good communication.

How Is The Recruitment Process Of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
How Is The Recruitment Process Of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

Selection is the first attempt by the company to get qualified and competent employees who will serve and do all the work at the company. And according to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, selection is an activity to determine and choose workers who meet the established criteria. Selection aims to decide the issue of whether an applicant is hired or not.

Whereas placement is a recommendation or decision to distribute candidates to different jobs based on an assumption about the possibilities of the candidates to succeed in each different job.

The job of the placement is to assess the candidates and to match their qualifications with the predetermined requirements of each job.

Selection Process of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

There are three components in a selection process:

  • Quantity (number) of labor needed,
  • Workforce qualification standards required,
  • Qualifications of a number of prospective workers,

Selection and placement are a series of activities carried out to determine whether applicants are accepted or rejected, or whether or not placement of workers in new positions. The effectiveness of the selection and placement function is determined by a number of important conditions and the information needed.